Church audio visual systems have consisted of a bespoke projector and projection screen installation, professional sound system install, hearing loop systems and in some cases we have installed numerous commercial large screen TV displays throughout the congregation area on pillars and walls and either side of the altar, so we can offer a complete church audio visual installation solution within a place of worship.


We have had the pleasure of working with many churches and places of worship as a specialist church audio visual installation company. Our team has provided professional installation services, from simple sound system installations to complex AV installation projects that include live camera streaming systems, multiple TV screen displays and high brightness projection systems.

It’s exciting to see how these places of worship have evolved to become the centre of entertainment for the local community. Some of them even offer stage productions for schools or film nights for residents and congregation. With the rapid development of technology, we have observed that more and more places of worship are upgrading their outdated audio visual systems to keep up with the latest entertainment systems. It’s always a pleasure to help these places of worship enhance their audio visual capabilities.

There are always challenges when installing audio visual systems into churches as many have restrictions on where and how we can install display screens and projectors within the main body of the church. A majority of our installations have allowed us to install display screens on pillars that run the length of the church so we can install repeater screens for the congregation and large format screens at the front of the church.

Then the next issue is how do we install signal cables to these locations and distribute the signal to all the screens and projectors, using CAT6 cabling from a control point, under floors or around the church usually achieves this and then using CAT6 to HDMI converters, and in some cases we can use a wireless option where there is physically no way of installing signal cables to these positions.

In some instances churches have resorted to streaming their services, weddings and funerals so that people who are unable to attend can easily join in via zoom, youtube, facebook or another streaming platform so we have installed professional camera streaming systems to suit, with PTZ cameras, controllers and camera switchers so that the service can easily be streamed.

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Definition Audio Visual has installed numerous systems into a variety of grade listed churches so we have an expertise in installing systems into any type of church or place of worship.

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Church Audio Visual Installations

When it comes to enhancing the audio experience for spoken word and music in a church setting, a well-designed sound system installation is essential. The speakers should be strategically placed throughout the congregation or listening area to ensure even coverage, whether the system is being used for speech or music.

The design of a church audio visual system takes into account various factors such as aesthetics, acoustics, cost, and engineering, as each venue has unique requirements. Whether it is an upgrade to an existing sound system, a new large screen video projection system, or a complete public address system installation, a professional audio visual installation company can provide the right solution for your church.

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Church Sound System Installations

By also installing professional sound equipment such as radio microphones, lectern mics, speakers and professional amplifiers we feel that we can achieve the desired end result within any place of worship or church. Every church is different in the way it needs to distribute sound throughout the congregation area whether we install column speakers, small cabinet speakers in the choir area or more discreet speakers in the eves, we have access to a wide range of church sound system solutions.

As a specialist AV installer for churches, we have installed a wide range of systems that cater to the specific needs of each place of worship. These systems include projection systems, large screen TVs, hearing loop systems, and public address sound systems and live streaming camera solutions.

With our expertise, we can install a complete church sound system that includes a digital mixer, wireless radio microphone systems, and an induction loop hearing system. By integrating all the sound system equipment together, we ensure that you get the desired end result that meets your needs. Whether it’s for a small chapel or a large church, we’ve got you covered..

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