A Restaurant sound system installation may consist of a discreet ceiling speaker installation or a background music system using small wall mounted speakers in the bar or restaurant area therefore giving you adequate coverage throughout these areas creating an essential ambience of music within your premises. All our sound system installation solutions can be individually zoned therefore giving you total control over each area within your restaurant.


As professional Restaurant Sound System Installation company we can provide you with a cost effective solution on your new or existing venture by installing an audio system to suit your requirements.

We have access to a wide range of professional restaurant sound systems so we can supply and install a complete restaurant music system solution that can be individually zoned so that any area can access any type of music source and be at any required sound level giving you total control over your music system for your customers.

Due to the fact we have access to a wide range of professional sound equipment means that we can install a sound system to suit any budget, whether the requirement is for a Bose, Martin Audio, Apart Audio, Electrovoice or JBL Speaker System or a more budget orientated sound system we will always offer advice on which professional sound system will suit your venue and your budget.

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We are a professional sound system installation company that provides audio installations into restaurants, bars and public houses.

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Restaurant Sound Systems

Entertainment within the restaurant or bar trade has changed and each venue requires that certain edge which has resulted in using more and more innovative products to tempt the customer through the door, by using state of the art audio and visual installation techniques such as commercial large screen TV’s and projectors for advertising and displaying sports channels to high quality restaurant sound systems.

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Speaker Installation Services

When designing a speaker installation we take into account the areas you have designated for customers for both dining and entertaining and whether you require some areas quieter or louder than others. For example the bar or foyer entrance may need to be louder than the restaurant itself and in some cases may need to be a different type of music, so the background music system installation must be adequate for both background and foreground music and also give you the ability to have separate level control over each area.

As a UK based Restaurant Sound System Installation Company we have installed numerous audio systems into all types of restaurants such as Chinese, Indian, Italian and English and many more so we have a good idea on what we need to achieve.

These type of background music system installations have been varied in every venue whether we have installed ceiling speakers throughout, small compact wall mounted speakers and bass bins or a mixture of both.

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Background Music Systems