Public Address System Installation

Public address sound systems or PA system installations are often installed within an office building, school, factory, leisure centre or hotel and is mainly used to make voice announcements to different areas or zones within a building to staff or customers and in some cases this may also incorporate a background music system throughout these areas.


A good example of a public address system installation or PA system install within a venue would be a leisure centre complex where there are so many different areas and zones been used for exercise and leisure such as the swimming pool, cardio area, gym, classes and then of course the bar and restaurant area.

A commercial sound system installation is an ideal solution as each area can be addressed individually from a multi zone paging microphone and each area can have its own independent level control.

As each area can also have its own independent source select and volume control so whether you require radio in the pool area or Ipod music in the bar area and gym so every eventuality can be catered for.

Using the correct sound system equipment such as zoning mixers and individual amplifiers for each area will give you greater flexibility throughout your venue so that you can have any music in any area and any desired volume level.

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Definition Audio Visual is an professional public address sound system installation company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

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Public Address Sound Systems

A public address system installation may feature what we refer to as a 100 volt line distributed speaker system where there are numerous speakers whether these are ceiling speakers or small cabinet speakers installed into different areas or zones within a commercial building.

Each area may have its own dedicated amplifier and speakers to suit the application and are usually of a lower wattage depending on the audio system installation.

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Public Address System Installation

You may also see a PA system installation within a church, live venue or a main hall within a school where the requirement is for a sound system that can be used for vocal presentations to an audience.

This will incorporate the use of microphones, mixers and complimentary speakers which are usually larger and can on some occasions be more complicated in how they are managed.

As a Commercial Sound System Installation Company we can provide you with a professional public address audio system installation into any type of business.

We have access to some well known professional manufacturers such as Bose, Apart Audio, Cloud Electronics, JBL, Electrovoice. Biamp, Crown and QSC so can offer a complete PA system installation solution into any type of commercial business.

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Public Address ]System Installation