Our hotel audio visual installation solutions vary in so many hotels but we will endeavour to design and install a bespoke audio visual system or sound system install solution to suit both your requirements but most of all your allocated budget within your meeting rooms, ballroom, restaurant, bar, reception area or leisure complex.


We have extensive experience as a professional audio visual installer and have successfully installed a wide range of audio and visual systems in hotels. Our installations have included everything from a fully integrated public address sound system throughout the hotel, bar and restaurant areas, large screen projection in the main conference room to video conferencing in the smaller meeting rooms.

As a professional audio visual installer we have installed numerous audio and visual systems, background music systems, video conferencing, digital signage solutions into hotels that have usually included a fully integrated zoned sound systems, projector installation for weddings, functions and events in the main function room.

We have also installed large screen projector solutions in the main function room and meeting rooms for weddings, events and conferences. Our team will work with you to design and install the perfect audio visual solution for your hotel, ensuring that your guests have the best possible experience.

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Definition Audio Visual is professional hotel audio visual system installation company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design, supply and installation solutions.

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Hotel AV Installations

When it comes to hotel AV installations, it’s important that each meeting room, boardroom and training room has a fully functional audiovisual equipment system in place. This could include anything from a professional projector and screen installation, to a video conferencing system, room booking system, or a complete speaker system installation with all the necessary speakers, radio microphones and amplifiers.

With our expertise in AV installations, we can help ensure that your hotel’s AV systems are fully optimized to meet the needs of your guests.

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Audiovisual Installation

Looking for top-notch AV installations for your hotel or leisure facility? Look no further than our team! We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs, from digital signage in the reception area to keep your guests in the know about local events and meetings, to background music systems in the bar and restaurant areas. And for those all-important announcements, our fully zoned public address system has got you covered. Trust us to provide the audiovisual installation solutions your business needs to thrive.

As a Hotel AV installation company we can provide you with a professional audio and visual installation solution within your Hotel, whether this is within the guest bedrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms or restaurant.

All our audio and visual installation solutions are tailored to each Hotel venue’s requirements whether this is an upgrade to an existing audio visual system or public address sound system to a new installation project starting from scratch.

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