AV installation Goole – we have just completed another AV Installation project this time at the Castaway Music Theatre in Goole with the install of four Andolite 10 way pre-wired lighting bars that are suspended from the wooden beams above with threaded bar.

At the front we have installed a Panasonic 5000 lumens VZ580 WUXGA projector which is suspended from the first lighting bar using a B-Tech projector mount bracket and pole clamp.

As part of the stage lighting installation we have installed six Showtec 15 watt LED battens that are fitted to the wooden beams facing down which will be used for house lighting during performances.


  • AV installation goole

We have installed a Showtec 8 way DMX splitter at high level which feeds all the LED battens and lighting bars which will soon be getting some LED par cans fitted to them. At the control point we have installed a wall mount connection box that has two HDMI inputs, DMX and CAT5 connections.