AV Installs Leeds – Definition Audio Visual has just completed a restaurant AV installation in Leeds city centre at the Iberica Tapas restaurant with the install of a NEC 5500 lumens WUXGA projector upstairs in their private dining room along with an Full HD resolution Optoma 4500 lumens projector in the downstairs deli bar.

We were contracted to install two projector systems within Iberica tapas restaurant for displaying Sky channels and laptop presentations so in the private dining area upstairs we installed an NEC WUXGA 5500 lumens projector on a wall arm bracket projecting into a widescreen 125″ diagonal motorised projection screen on the opposite wall which is approx 5 metres away.

For the laptop connection we installed a HDMI wall plate at low level which is connected directly to the NEC projector above.

For the sound system installation we installed a Yamaha integrated amplifier behind the bar along with a pair of white Apart Mask 6 speakers installed in the corners of the room therefore giving them total control over the audio level within the room.

For the projector installation downstairs in the deli bar we installed an Optoma 4500 lumens full HD projector projecting onto a widescreen 84″ motorised projection screen that we managed to install under the stairwell using unistrut and threaded bar.

To get a HDMI signal from the office we have installed a HDMI over CAT 5 sender and receiver system which is connected to their sky box and a Vision wireless HDMI sender an receiver which will be used for local presentations from a laptop.

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The audio from the sky box is connected through the existing Cloud Z4 zone mixer which is installed in the same equipment cabinet so that they can easily control the volume level in the deli bar via the wall mounted volume control.