Video Conferencing Installations provide a cost effective way of reaching out to your members of staff, customers or potential clients by conducting your meetings from your office or working environment whether you are using Teams, Zoom or Google Meet each system can work on any video conferencing platform from a laptop or PC.


As a professional Video Conferencing installations company we have access to a wide range of  Video Conferencing equipment solutions that should suit any type of budget, whether this is a wired or wireless video conference solution using the Barco Clickshare, Emersive Wireless System or just a basic NUC PC with wireless keyboard and mouse giving you a wireless presentation and collaboration solution.


Our Video Conferencing systems can be installed in any type of room with the correct system from a large conference room, small office area or even a small huddle room whether we install a Vaddio Video Conferencing system, Bose VB1, Bose VBS, Biamp or Yealink Video Conferencing system we have a solution for any type of working environment where a professional Video Conferencing system installation is a vital requirement.

When you start looking at larger conference rooms then video conferencing systems change dramatically as you then need to consider overhead microphones so that anyone speaking is picked up no matter where they are sitting within the room. Also a professional speaker system is required so that you can clearly hear the person at the other end of the call.

A professional camera system is also a necessity of course and the usual format is a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera which in some instances will track the person speaking on the call or a PTZ camera that is manually controlled from a standard remote control.

The list is endless to what you can achieve with a video conference system but this of course is dependant on allocated budget.

Video Conferencing Installations


Definition Audio Visual provides cost effective Video Conferencing Installations into businesses, offices, churches, meeting rooms, huddle rooms and commercial businesses throughout the UK.

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Video Conferencing Equipment Installations

Vaddio Video Conferencing systems have a solution for any type of business whether you need a system for a small huddle space or large office area they can provide overhead or desktop microphones, high quality PTZ cameras, or all in one conference shot systems. For a small meeting room or huddle room we can supply and install a Bose VB1, Yealink or Biamp all in one Video Conferencing System with built in microphones, speakers and camera giving you an easy solution to your requirements.

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Video Conferencing Installation Solutions

With so many Video Conferencing installation solutions on the market nowadays it is virtually impossible to pick the correct solution for your business but with Vaddio VC systems, Biamp, Yealink or Bose video conferencing systems they have a solution for any type of working environment within your meeting room, office or boardroom.

As a Professional AV Installation company we supply and install a complete audio visual solution into any type of business or commercial property and public sector.

With access to a large database of professional audio and visual manufacturers we can provide a complete fit out service into all types of businesses from a large conference room installation, huddle room to a small office environment.

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