AV System Installation Leeds – we have just finished an Audio Visual System Installation project at the Marriott Hotel in Leeds in the main ballroom with the supply and installation of a Cloud Electronics DCM1 programmable zone mixer that is installed in the control room and around the room we have installed DCM1 wall panels that control the level and source selection in each of the four rooms.

In each room we have also installed Cloud input plates for connecting the Laptop audio along with a dual XLR input plate at the front for the portable equipment rack cabinet.

The existing Bose ceiling speaker system in each room is controlled via a Cloud CDR 1 programmable wall panel for controlling the volume and a LE1 input plate for connecting the audio from a Laptop so that in two of the rooms that can be partitioned off the customer only has access to the input and volume in that specific room.

To enhance the existing sound system we have installed six Electrovoice ZX1i wall mounted speakers in white that are powered from their existing Crest Amplifiers along with a portable flight case that houses a Yamaha mixer, CD player and their existing four TOA radio mic receivers.

  • Audio Visual System Installation Leeds

Audio Visual System Installation Leeds

The audio system is wired using CAT5 screened cabling from the DCM 1 mixer to each of the input plates and volume controls throughout the room which is an ideal audio installation solution as there is no need for multiple signal cables to each plate.