Audio Visual Installation Yorkshire completed in Leeds at Solar Frame’s new showroom in Kirkstall, Leeds with the installation of an Iiyama 65″ Interactive Touch Screen Display in the main office area which has a NUC PC installed behind the screen along with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

In the garden room conservatory we have installed a Samsung 65″ 4K resolution TV screen along with a NUC PC installed behind the TV and a wireless keyboard and mouse so they can play promotional company videos to their potential customers.

In one conservatory we have installed another Iiyama 55″ Interactive Touch Screen Display again with a NUC PC installed behind the screen. In the other conservatory we have installed an Iiyama 43″ Interactive Touch Screen Display with another NUC PC.

On the outside of one of the conservatories we have installed an Iiyama 32″ Interactive Touch Screen Display with a NUC PC hidden in the wall which displays the company website.

Another Iiyama 32″ Interactive Touch Screen Display was installed next to the door displays along with a NUC PC so that they can easily show their full range of doors via the touch screen display.

Near the entrance in the window we have installed a wireless freestanding 55″ digital signage display screen which will display company information and special offers, which can be updated wirelessly via the internal wireless network and therefore can be seen through the window to any passing customers.

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Audio Visual Installation Yorkshire

For the sound system installation we have installed four Kubo 5T 100 volt line speakers in the main showroom area on either side of the walls facing into the showroom area along with four Cloud ceiling speakers in the mezzanine floor area near the offices. These two areas are zoned via the Cloud mixer so that they can have different levels in each area and these are powered from a two channel Cloud amplifier installed in the comms cabinet upstairs. For the music source we have installed a Denon media player which gives them CD, USB, SD card for their background music.