Church Audio Visual Installation York – We have just completed a church audio visual installation in St Helen’s Church, Escrick, near York with the install of a professional Sound and Visual System within the main church area.

We were contacted to provide a quotation to install a new sound system and visual solution for the main church area so we opted to install four Bose 402 speakers in the main body of the church and two Bose 402 speakers in the north aisle at high level along with all the associated sound equipment which is installed in a rack cabinet at the back of the church.

The sound system equipment within the rack cabinet consists of a Behringer 12-channel PA mixer, Apart Audio CD player with USB input, two QSC stereo amplifiers, an Ampetronic hearing loop amplifier and a TOA 30 watt mixer amplifier which feeds the choir speaker and bell tower speaker.

The radio microphones consist of an Audio Technica Handheld system, two Audio Technica Lapel systems and an Audio Technica System 10 wireless gooseneck system which will be used on either the lectern or pulpit.

We were also asked to install a speaker outside so when the church is at its capacity and people are stood outside at least they can hear the service so we installed a signal cable from the equipment cabinet and installed a outdoor waterproof connection plate so they can connect the RCF powered speaker on a stand and relay the sound to the outdoor congregation.

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Due to restrictions on installing either large screen TV’s, projectors or screens we have opted to provide them with a Panasonic 5000 lumens projector on a Unicol projector stand which will be projecting onto a rear projection fast fold screen.

For laptop connection we have installed a Kramer VP440 scaler within the cabinet along with a Kramer HDMI over CAT6 output plate which is sited at the front of the church to which they can then connect the Panasonic projector.