Audio Visual Installation Dewsbury – we have just completed an AV installation at Dewsbury Rugby Club with the installation of a Cloud Electronics sound system installation and a Kramer 8 x 8 HDMI matrix Switching system.

The Sound System Installation consists of a Cloud DCM1E digital 8 zone mixer that is feeding three professional QSC GX3 stereo amplifiers, along with 18 Cloud CSC8 ceiling speakers in white.

Within the 5 zones we have installed 18 Cloud CSC8 Ceiling speakers in white with an 8″ driver along with five Cloud CDR1 wall mounted control plates that control the volume and source input in each of the five zones, which are mounted in the bar area so that they have local control over the various line inputs.

For their sound sources within the club we have given them the audio from any of the three sky box receivers, a Denon media player, Freeview Receiver, Ipod input plate behind the bar along with an Audio Technica Handheld Radio Mic System so that they can make announcements into any of the five zones.

For the visual installation we have re-used the customers nine TV screens throughout the venue and installed a Kramer 8 x 8 HDMI matrix switcher along with nine HDMI over CAT6 senders, CAT6 receivers and a Kramer 1 in 2 out HDMI splitter.

They are able to change the channels individually on each of the sky box receivers via a Keene Electronics Infra red distribution system which can be controlled from behind the bar.

Also within the rack cabinet we have installed three Sky +HD receivers and a Freeview receiver so they can have any input on any TV output and be able to switch the sound in any of the zones.

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Audio Visual Installation Dewsbury

As apart of the Audio Visual Installation in Dewsbury Rugby Club we have also provided them with a projector installation solution we have installed a NEC P554U 5000 lumens WUXGA high resolution projector mounted in a BTECH ceiling mount bracket which is projecting onto the wall giving them a 170″ image on the main wall which is been used instead of a projector screen. They have the ability to project any one of the sky boxes on the main wall along with a local HDMI connection so that they can project from a laptop for presentations.