Audio Visual Installations Harrogate – we have just completed an Audio Visual Installation at Belzona in Harrogate with the install of a Panasonic VZ580 5000 Lumens WUXGA projector, Kramer HDMI over CAT6 distribution System, Barco Click Share CS100 and a Quadra grey AV equipment cabinet.

We were asked to carry out an Audio Visual installation within their corporate suite in their main building as the existing system was slightly outdated in that the signal to the TV’s and Projector were still using VGA connections for their presentations and training.

We opted to install a Kramer VP440 presentation scaler and switcher along with a Kramer 1 in four out HDMI distribution unit, four Kramer PT571 senders and four Kramer PT572+ receivers which are connected using high quality Kramer CAT6 cabling to their existing TV screens.

The VP440 also has a separate CAT6 output which we have used to connect to the Panasonic VZ580 5000 lumens WUXGA projector via a Kramer TP580R receiver housed in the ceiling.

The client has two options for connection which is the resident PC which is connected directly to the Kramer scaler along with a Barco clickshare CS100 so that they can connect to the system wirelessly from a laptop.

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As part of the AV installation we have used their existing TOA mixer amplifier, Apart Audio amplifier and two Trantec Radio mics which we have installed in the custom built grey Quadra AV cabinet.