AV Equipment Installation Leeds – we have just completed an AV Equipment Installation for West Park Rugby Club in Leeds by installing a professional sound system throughout their rooms and balcony area along with an Epson projector and motorised projection screen in the main club room for displaying Sky TV, Advertising and a laptop connection for meetings.

As part of the Sound System Installation we have installed in the lounge area four Apart Audio Mask 6 white speakers in the corners of the room along with a Cloud RSL6 remote volume behind the bar so that they can control the volume locally and select what audio source they require.

In the main club room we installed six white JBL control 26 speakers across the main back wall to cover the bar area along with a pair of Tannoy IP rated outdoor speakers installed on the balcony which are controlled from two Cloud RSL 6 remote volumes behind the bar.

In the equipment rack we installed the three Crown XLi 800 stereo amplifiers, Electrovoice 1250T 100 volt line amplifier, Cloud CX463 mixer zoner and two Audio Technica handheld radio microphone systems which are connected to a Audio Technica antenna distribution amplifier and remote active antennas.

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As part of the projector installation we installed a full HD Epson projector and a 3 metre motorised projection screen with connection from the Sky box via Kramer HDMI over CAT6 senders and receivers, advertising is done by connection to the local network and we also installed a VGA over CAT5 wall plate for laptop connection.