AV Installation Huddersfield – we have just completed an AV Installation in a meeting room in Huddersfield with the install of a Sony Bravia 75″ large screen TV along with Apart Audio ceiling speakers, small amplifier above the ceiling, Kramer HDMI over CAT5 sender and receiver.

We were contracted to provide an audio visual installation within a small meeting room for a solicitors in Huddersfield which is being used for meetings with clients so we opted to install a Sony Bravia 75″ large screen TV on a btech flat wall mount bracket.

For the sound equipment installation we installed a small stereo amplifier which is hidden above the ceiling connected to a pair of Apart Audio CM608 ceiling speakers.

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AV Installation Huddersfield

For the laptop connection we installed a Kramer Tbus desk mount module which gives them their HDMI, power and network connections along with a Kramer HDMI sender which is installed under the boardroom table which sends to the HDMI receiver behind the TV over CAT6.