Sound System installation hull – We were contracted to install a new sound system within a new bar called Nanouk on Market Place in Hull which previously was a restaurant that had been closed down for a while and was an ideal venue for the new owners new venture to turn it into a new funky botanical bar.

All the interior design work and refurbishment works were carried out by the new owners but they needed a new professional sound system installation that would suit their new venue, expectations but most of all their allocated budget.

We suggested that they should go with a Martin Audio Sound System across both floors so we installed two Martin Audio X8 Speakers along with a Martin Audio X115 bass speaker on the mezzanine floor upstairs and then downstairs in the bar area and cocktail lounge area we have installed another four Martin Audio X8 speakers along with another Martin Audio X115 bass bin, which is installed under the spiral staircase out of the way.

In the store room upstairs we have installed all the sound equipment in a rack cabinet which consists of a Cloud Electronics two zone Mixer, Martin Audio DX5 system controller for the speakers and four Crown Stereo Amplifiers which are powering the Martin Audio speakers.

In the main entrance lobby we have also installed a Martin Audio CDD6 150 watt speaker so that they can also play sound outside which is controlled via the second zone on the Cloud Mixer.

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Sound System Installation Hull

For the music sources they have a few options as we have installed a Denon Media in the cabinet upstairs which gives them CD, USB, SD Card and Bluetooth, an audio input plate behind the bar downstairs and then in the DJ stand we have installed a Pioneer DJM mixer.