AV Installation Leeds – Definition Audio Visual was contracted to install a new AV installation solution at Rawdon Cricket Club, Leeds as they were starting an extensive refurbishment project in their club house and had a requirement for a new audio visual system installation.

In the main bar area and members lounge we have installed seven Apart Audio CM20 ceiling speakers tapped at 20 watt and in the top lounge area we have installed four Apart Audio Mask 8 speakers in white. For the outdoor sound system installation we have installed a pair of Apart Audio MP26G IP rated speakers tapped at 20 watt which are just outside the patio doors for their outdoor events.

Within the bar area on shelves we have installed all the control equipment which features an Apart Audio 4 channel 100 volt line amplifier for the ceiling speakers, QSC GX3 Stereo amplifier for the Mask 8 speakers, Zone 4 Mixer, Audio Technica Radio Mic and on the wall we have installed four Zone 4 remote panels so they have control over all 4 zones throughout the clubhouse from behind the bar.

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AV Installation Leeds

Another part of the AV installation Leeds we have also re-installed their existing LG TV screen in the main room in the corner, their existing projector which is projecting onto the wall and their new 55″ TV screen in the members lounge along with a HDMI over CAT6 sender and receiver so that they can watch Sky TV in the members lounge aswell.