AV Installation Manchester – we have completed an AV Installation in some offices in Manchester with the install of an Epson 5000 Lumens Full HD resolution projector which is mounted on a wooden beam with a Peerless projector mount bracket and projecting onto a widescreen 100″ diagonal motorised wall mounted projection screen.

Down the side wall of the meeting room we have installed two Samsung 55″ TV screens on wall arm brackets which are been used for smaller meetings when the projector system isn’t required.

Within the floor box we have installed an angled HDMI input plate and under the floor we have installed a Kramer 1 in 3 out HDMI distribution amplifier which is connected to three Kramer HDMI over CAT6 senders with the receivers installed behind the TV’s and Epson projector.

For the sound system installation we have installed a pair of white Apart Audio Mask 6 speakers either side of the projection screen which are connected directly to a Yamaha stereo integrated amplifier which is installed in the cupboard below.

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In the small meeting room we have installed a Samsung 55″ TV screen on a wall arm bracket which is connected to the floorbox angled HDMI connection plate.