AV Installation Scunthorpe – we have just completed an AV installation in Scunthorpe with the install of eleven large format TV screens throughout the company that are been used in various meeting and training rooms, digital signage screens, Reception area along with a TV screen in the Gym area.

In the reception area we have installed a Samsung 55″ LED Smart TV that is connected to the companies network so that they can play back business adverts and we have also connected and aerial feed for freeview or news. In most of the other rooms we have installed an LG 55″ commercial screen that have the facility for both VGA and HDMI connections that are been used for meetings.

We installed a kramer VGA to 4 way CAT 5 sender in the comms room which feeds three screens in various areas so that the can display company data from the Kramer VGA receivers.

In the customer care department we installed a Sharp 60″ LCD screen which is connected to the digital signage system but we have also given the facility of streaming wireless HDMI from an Aten wireless transmitter and receiver.

  • AV Installation Scunthorpe

AV Installation Scunthorpe

In the gym we installed a LG 55″ commercial TV screen which is connected to a couple of Apart Audio ceiling speakers via a small amplifier in the ceiling so that they can listen to the audio from the TV.