AV Installation Wakefield – we have just completed another AV Installation at The Art Centre in Wakefield with the installation of two Epson 6500 Lumens WUXGA Laser projectors suspended from the ceiling on Btech brackets and 3 metre poles which are projecting onto the main white walls, with the image been duplicated on both projectors, along with four white Electrovoice ZX1 speakers installed in both galleries.

The sound system installation consists of two white Electrovoice ZX1 speakers installed in the main gallery area and a further two installed in the other gallery area next door giving them the ability to use both rooms for doing presentations and talks from one central control point.

Within the mobile sound equipment cabinet we have installed a Rackmount Denon Mixer, two Crown Stereo Amplifiers, a Dual Audio Technica Lapel Radio Mic System, Apart Audio Media Player with CD and USB Playback.

Also as part of the audio visual installation we have installed an Ampetronic hearing loop system which consists of a wall mounted hearing loop amplifier mounted at high level and a Audio Technica Shotgun microphone which picks up the audio within the gallery and feeds it through the loop cable which is installed around the cable tray.

There was also a requirement for a Video Conferencing System using either Zoom or Teams within the Gallery area so we installed a Vaddio Conference Shot Video Conferencing system which consists of a white wall mounted Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera mounted on the wall and two overhead microphones which were suspended from the cable tray.

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AV Installation Wakefield

Also as part of the AV Installation contract the Art Centre had purchased some circular acoustic panels as the room acoustics within the gallery were causing an issue so the circular panels were suspended from the ceiling with wires to eliminate any reverberations and echoes which worked really quite well.