AV Installation York– we have just completed another AV installation project within a church hall community centre in York with the install of numerous LG commercial TV screens and JBL speakers in various meeting rooms along with a connection from the church to the hall so that they can send both images and audio to the church hall.

In the main hall we have installed two 43″ LG commercial TV screens on flat wall mount brackets along with two JBL control 28 speakers and a cloud RSL6 remote volume so that they can select any source and alter the level in the main hall.

We have also installed 32″ LG commercial screens in the Cafe Area and two other meeting rooms with local input connections for both VGA and HDMI along with JBL control 23 wall mounted speakers.

For the connection from the Church we have installed a Kramer VGA sender and receiver which sends the camera feed or laptop through to the community hall along with the audio and we have then distributed this signal to each of the TV screens.

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AV Installation York

In each of the areas we have also installed Ampetronic induction loop systems for the hard of hearing, so in the main hall we installed a perimeter loop system which is installed around the room and hidden behind the panelling. In one of the small meeting rooms we had to install flat copper tape under the carpet which is then connected to a wall mounted loop amplifier.