Sound System Installation Selby – we have just installed a complete speaker system in Selby Rugby Club with the install of a Z4 Mixer / Zoner, Cloud CS-C8 Ceiling speakers, Apart Audio CM1008D ceiling speakers, QSC GX3 Amplifiers, Denon Media Player, Audio Technica Radio Mic System & Cloud RSL6 wall plates.

We were instructed to install a new sound system within Selby rugby club’s bar area so we opted to install a Cloud Z4 Mixer Zoner along with four Cloud CSC8 Ceiling speakers in the cafe bar area, four Apart Audio CM1008 ceiling speakers in the main bar area and four Apart Audio CM1008 ceiling speakers in the lounge area at the end.

Within the equipment cabinet we have installed the Cloud Z4 mixer, three QSC stereo amplifiers, a Denon media player which plays SD, USB and an Audio Technica Handheld radio mic system.

The equipment cabinet is sited in the beer store out of the way and has a lockable door so that only management have access to any of the control system.

Behind the bar we have installed three Cloud RSL6 volume control plates, an ipod input plate and a Cloud Bluetooth connection plate.

For their other music sources we have installed digital to analogue converters from their existing sky box and also taken audio from two televisions, so that have a variation of sound in any of the zones.

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Sound System Installation Selby

Another aspect of their audio visual installation was to re-locate their existing LG 50″ TV screen to another part of the cafe area which will display either freeview TV channels or their digital signage player and then install a new Samsung 65″ Smart TV on a large wall arm bracket on the main wall for watching sky sports.