Audio Equipment Installation York – our company was contacted by the chairman of a local village hall in Green Hammerton near York to carry out an audio equipment installation in the venue as they needed a sound system that would work for both presentations and local events.

For the sound system installation we opted to install four JBL control 28 Speakers in white in each of the corners of the room which would give them both adequate coverage and volume level for what they needed the sound system for. All the control equipment was installed in a portable rack such as the Crown amplifier, Behringer mixer, radio microphone and CD player which the facility to unplug the system from the wall plates we installed and store the rack away when not in use.

We gave them both options for making presentations whether they wanted to use the Audio Technica radio mic or wired handheld mic they could use either. The audio from a laptop or MP3 player can be easily plugged into the system via the wall plate we have installed, along with the microphone input plate.

  • Audio Equipment Installation York

Audio Equipment Installation York

The audio equipment installation is to be used for either local conferences or children’s parties so at least with the JBL sound system they are able to have the best of both with either speech or music.