Church Audio Installation Market Weighton – we have just completed a Church Audio Installation within St Johns Methodist church, Market Weighton with the installation of a pair of white Electrovoice ZX1 speakers, crown amplifier, Yamaha mixer, two Audio Technica Handheld Radio Mics, Lapels Mics and a JM Lectern Oak veneer mixing desk cabinet.

We were instructed to provide a sound system solution within St John’s Methodist church in Market Weighton near York as their existing speaker system wasn’t adequate anymore so we opted to install a pair of Electrovoice white ZX1 speakers either side under the balcony.

In keeping with the wooden decor we supplied a JM Lecterns mixing console in oak veneer which houses their Yamaha MG20 PA mixer on a slope and four Audio Technica radio microphone systems which are installed underneath.

At the front of the church we have installed a 12 way stage box so that local musicians can connect into the sound system which gives them 8 sends and 4 returns, with the cabling installed under the floor.

  • church audio installation Market Weighton

Church Audio Installation Market Weighton

As part of the Church Audio Installation project we were also asked to move their existing sound equipment cabinet from upstairs and re-locate this downstairs for ease of operation when they were performing sermons which entailed extending all the signal and speaker cables to the new control position. This then gives the operator a better idea of the sound level and quality within the room which they couldn’t achieve when they were trying to operate the system from the balcony area.