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Sound System Installations Leeds

Sound System Installation completed in three interview rooms in Leeds – we were contracted to install an audio system within three meeting rooms within a newly refurbished office area.

They consist of a participant rooms where the interviews will take place under the watchful eye from someone in the observation room behind one way glass panels.

We have installed Audio Technica Pro 45 overhead boundry microphones over the desks in all three meeting rooms along with an Audio Technica Pro 44 desktop boundry microphone on the table.

In each of the Observation rooms we have installed a pair of Audio Technica Kubo 5T speakers in white mounted at high level which are controlled via the Apart Audio in line volume controls installed in the wall.

Each room is controlled from a Audio Technica DM604 automatic microphone mixer coupled to a TOA A2060 mixer amplifier. We opted for the DM604 as this takes all the controls away from the user but they can still call up any of the presets that have been programmed in.

Part of the installation also entailed the HDMI distribution as they wanted the facility in each room to display a laptop so we installed Kramer HDMI cables under the floor to a 1 in 2 out HDMI splitter which feeds the large screen TV in the participant room and the observation room.

sound system installations leeds

Sound System Installations Leeds

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