Audio Visual Installation Leeds – we were contacted by the Irish Centre in Leeds recently to come up with an Audio Visual Installation solution for their Sky distribution system so that each display received a high definition signal as at the moment it was a mis-match of HD and Video.

Their other issue was the sound system installation they had was that they only had four large Peavey speakers doing the both sides of the room so that they couldn’t have different levels in either side and with them having some small Wharfedale speakers installed on the walls but not connected to anything we suggested that we move these and re-use them in the smaller area.

To solve the problem with the audio visual installation we installed new HDMI cables to the four TV displays and two projectors and connected them into a Kramer 4 in 8 out HDMI matrix switcher which does exactly what they wanted to achieve to give them any sky box receiver or DVD on any display in any part of the room.

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Audio Visual Installation Leeds

For the audio system installation we removed all their old equipment and installed two new Crown power amplifiers, one running the existing four Peavey speakers and another running their existing four Wharfedale speakers and by installing a Cloud Zoner we were able to give them two separate zones of music or Sky audio. They also have the facility of a Microphone input and line input from the stage area.