Sound System Installations Yorkshire – we have just completed another sound system installations at East Keswick Village Hall in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the install of six Apart Audio Speakers, Audio Technica Radio Microphones, Cloud Mixer and QSC Stereo Amplifiers.

We were contracted to install a new sound system within the village hall as the existing 100 volt line speaker system was so old and outdated it was no longer working as they required, so we opted to install a pair of white Apart Audio Mask 8 speakers on the walls either side of the stage at high level.

For the infil sound we installed two pairs of white Apart Audio Mask 6 speakers on either side half way down and a pair at the back of the large hall which are powered from a separate QSC GX3 stereo amplifier.

The sound system is controlled from a Cloud RSL6 on stage which gives them the facility for selecting the line inputs and volume control without having to gain access to the control equipment in the cabinet.

The volume levels for the handheld radio mic and headset mic are preset on the Cloud CX463 mixer so no one needs to alter anything.

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Sound System Installations Yorkshire

Within their control room we have installed a wall mounted Penn rack cabinet which houses the Cloud CX463 Mixer, two Audio Technica Radio Mic receivers, two QSC GX3 stereo Amplifiers and their existing induction loop amplifier.