Sound System Installation Hull – we have just completed a professional sound system installation at the Hull Truck Theatre with the installation of a new professional sound system within the bar area upstairs that is going to be used for acoustic bands and small performances.

Our company was contacted by the theatre to install a sound system upstairs as they were using a portable sound system when they had performances on which had to be removed and setup every time.

Their brief was for an installed sound system so we opted to install Electrovoice ZX1 speakers in black but due to the solid concrete ceiling above we had to install black plastic conduit to hide all the speaker cables to each speaker.

As part of the sound system installation we have installed two Electrovoice ZX1 speakers either side of the performance stage area along with the other pair been installed near the middle of the room acting as infil speakers to carry the sound to the back of the room giving them adequate coverage throughout the performance area.

  • Sound System Installation Hull

Sound System Installation Hull

Within the Swan flightcase we have installed an Allen and Heath QU16 digital PA mixer, along with two of their existing stereo amplifiers, rack drawer and a mains power distribution unit. For their existing portable PA sound system downstairs we supplied them with a new Crown XLS1502 stereo amplifier.