Church Sound System Installation Shipley – We have just completed a professional church sound system installation upgrade at St Peters Church in Shipley, West Yorkshire with the install of an Allen & Heath QU24 Digital PA Mixer and Audio Technica Radio Microphone Systems.

Definition Audio Visual was asked to upgrade the existing sound system within St Peter’s church as their existing Soundcraft mixing desk and ageing radio mic systems were starting to develop various faults and were proving to be un-reliable during services.

The new church audio system installation consisted of the Allen & Heath QU24 digital PA mixer which is controlled via their Ipad along with an Audio Technica Handheld Radio Mic System, Two Audio Technica Lapel Radio Mic Systems and an Audio Technica over ear radio mic system.

We also installed an Audio Technica M3 In ear monitoring system with two receivers, DBX 31 band stereo graphic equaliser, Audio Technica DA49 Antenna Distribution system with two Antennas mounted on the back wall , two Audio Technica Shotgun microphones for the choir and a Tascam Media Player for music playback.

Also within their existing sound system installation we re-used their existing hearing loop system and a single Bose speaker which is positioned over the choir.

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We opted to re-use their existing Tannoy i12 speakers that were already installed within the church area along with their existing amplifier and their existing stage boxes as these were still in working condition and they could be easily integrated into their new sound system installation.