Projector Installations Leeds

Projector Installations Leeds – we have just completed another Projector Installation solution in a meeting room for a solicitors in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the installation of Benq MH740 4000 lumens High Definition 1080p projector that is mounted from the ceiling using a Btech projector mount bracket. We are projecting their images onto an [...]

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AV System Installation Leeds

AV System Installation Leeds - we were contracted to install an AV System Installation in Leeds within a meeting room at York Gate Perennial Centre so we opted to install a Panasonic 5000 Lumens WUXGA high resolution projector mounted on a white peerless projector mount bracket in the main room which is projecting onto [...]

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Projector Installations West Yorkshire

Projector Installations West Yorkshire – we have just completed another projector installation service at Hippo Digital in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the installation of a Panasonic VZ580 5000 Lumens WUXGA projector mounted on a Peerless projector mount bracket. This is projecting onto an Elite 110″ Diagonal Motorised projection screen in 16:9 format which we [...]

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Audio Visual Installation Cleckheaton

Audio Visual Installation Cleckheaton – we have just completed another Audio Visual Installation in a church in Cleckheaton with the install of a four white Apart Audio column speakers which are installed down either side walls along with the installation of the customers existing Benq projector downstairs and another projector in the upstairs meeting [...]

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Audio Visual Install West Yorkshire

Audio Visual Install West Yorkshire – We have just completed an Audio Visual Install in two meeting rooms at some offices just outside of Leeds in West Yorkshire with an Epson Full HD projector in the large meeting room and a Benq 4000 Lumens Full HD projector in the smaller meeting room along with [...]

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AV Equipment Installation Leeds

AV Equipment Installation Leeds – we have just completed an AV Equipment Installation for West Park Rugby Club in Leeds by installing a professional sound system throughout their rooms and balcony area along with an Epson projector and motorised projection screen in the main club room for displaying Sky TV, Advertising and a laptop [...]

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Sound System Installation Sheffield

Sound System Installation Sheffield – we have just completed a public address installation in an International food warehouse in Sheffield with the installation of seventeen Cloud CS6B wall mounted speakers, Cloud amplifiers, Cloud Z4 zone mixer and Cloud PM4 paging microphones. Within the main shopping area we have installed ten Cloud CS6B wall mounted [...]

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